Why Sustainability Teams Need Creativity

Posted by 12/2/2021

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Successful sustainability communications requires creativity and technical understanding

Back in 2011, a researcher analysed the effectiveness of 435 advertising campaigns that ran between 1994 to 2010.

He was trying to find out if there was a relationship between how creative an advert was and how it performed.

He found that the more creative and original an advert was, the more likely it was to be effective. In fact, highly-creative ads were 12 times more effective than more straight-forward ones.

Granted, sustainability and advertising are different fields with very different goals. But they have one thing in common. They’re both trying to change behaviour. 

As this research shows, if you want someone’s attention and recall, it pays to be creative.



We’re big believers in the importance of quality communications when it comes to sustainability.

We’re all bombarded with more messages than ever. If you want your message to be one of the few that sinks in, it needs to be thought through and well-executed.

But adding more creativity to your comms isn’t always that easy…


How sustainability comms specialists help sustainability teams

Sustainability experience plus compelling communications equals inspired changeCreativity is important. Drab, uninteresting copy and design gets tuned out. It doesn’t have the impact required to get people’s attention or the memorability required to change how they act.

But creativity alone isn’t enough. It’s no good being wildly creative if you don’t understand the subject matter. Especially in this case, when the subject matter is pretty technical.

This, I like to think, is where we come in. Because we combine the two to make sure our customers are able to create the comms they need to change behaviour and inspire change.

Having a creative team on your side that understands sustainability means you can focus on the technical work, while we ensure your message lands in the right way.


Feel free to drop us a line anytime for a zero-obligation call to see if we can help.


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