Our story, 21 years and counting

Point Creative is an independent branding studio with locations in Bristol, the Cotswolds and anywhere Zoom or Teams will take us.


We’re known for our strategic-led creativity, personable nature and client commitment. It’s what’s kept us in business for over two decades with many mutually committed clients alongside us for the journey.

We are YES people.

We never say no, whatever the challenge. Instead we might say ‘Have you thought about…’ – dedicating our time to consider different perspectives, scenarios and the task in hand. This, we find, keeps stakeholders happy, objectives fulfilled and better business accomplished.

We are IDEAS people

Ideas don’t come easy for some, but we’ve nailed it. How? It takes always-on thinking, immersion in the wider world, out-of-context inspiration, persistence and experience.

Don’t ask us, ask them…

“Point Creative grasped our vision for the new website immediately. One of the reasons we chose PC was for their expertise in branding and digital marketing”

Fiona Jones – Digital Research Communication Officer, Oxford Sparks

“We chose Point Creative to help us enhance our brand because of their enthusiasm and passion for branding. Our company product and services had shifted and PC helped us realign our value propositions to match. The rebrand fuelled the creation of fresh and distinct creative content that really engaged our audience, supporting us to secure our biggest contract yet”

Sophia.Vahdati – Marketing Director, Digital i

Your business means a lot to us

We take pride knowing clients put
their trust in us to position their brand
and beyond. And if you’re a client,
we’d like to thank you.

Working together

We adapt our working style to suit you. Big team, little team, solo team, in person, virtual, at the office, down the pub. Get in touch.

Client Appreciation!

We brand better, together.
Thanks for keeping us creatively consumed, in good company, and putting cash in our coffers!

In a world of choice, you choose us, and we are truly grateful.

We reward active* clients with little tokens of appreciation. Pop your details below and keep an eye out!

Client Appreciation Form

Client Appreciation Form

Active Client
*Active: Defined as working directly together in the last 12 months. One token of appreciation redeemable per calendar year.