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Evolving the brand of a disruptive technological leader to grow international markets

Digital i main brand graphic

Digital i are global trailblazers in the measurement, analysis and consulting of SVOD (Subscription Viewing on Demand – that’s the likes of Netflix, Amazon, AppleTV and Disney+)

Using their uniquely innovative and disruptive approach, unprecedented insight into the major streamed content platforms is revealed. – Helping Broadcasters and Programme Makers such as BBC, Sky and Warner Bros find out what people watch, how they watch it, and what they’re likely to watch next. With this powerful insight, better programmes are made to keep viewers captivated and viewing platforms in the competition.

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Having earned their stripes and perfected the UK model, the time had come to break the European market – known for its firmly established rivals and loyal buyers.

Up until now, Digital i had grown organically with the support of its avid long term customer base. However, swimming in cold European waters required brand muscle!

Cue Point Creative. After consulting with the marketing team, we were commissioned to strengthen Digital i’s brand ready for ambitious growth – developing a memorable and differentiating value proposition appealing to both UK and International markets, and achieving cohesion across historically inconsistent communication channels, benefiting internal team advocacy and target audience perception.

Brand Journey

We immersed in brand discovery – understanding the business proposition, its people and current brand performance to identify the brand strategy starting blocks. Through a blended approach of bespoke surveys and workshops, insight was gained from both internal and external stakeholders to provide a truly rounded perspective. The results concluded a summary of key findings, including persona profiling, raw vision & mission ‘golden nuggets’, brand attributes, personality and attitude. Having a clear and client approved ‘where we are now’ and ‘where we need to be’ brand plan, we moved swiftly onto the brand development.

A selection of ideas and angles were presented across proposition, look and feel. Each idea carefully pondered, shared and shortlisted.

Animated GIF
Animated GIF
Digital i icon concept
Digital i logo construction

Visual Identity

A logo and brand graphics presented in a ‘bold, sleek and cutting edge’ style (aligned to the workshop findings). Immersive and alluring iconography are employed to represent ‘Inside the Viewing Revolution’ – Digital i at the heart of the storm, seeing and reflecting behaviours from the inside.

Headline Message Suite

Beyond the brand completion, we wanted the client to own the brand and have fun with it. To help them hit the ground running, we created a message framework featuring a suite of headline options and accompanying steer for generic and personalised usage – providing inspiring ways of embedding and enhancing the strapline that make the brand more memorable and effective.

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A virtual team brand launch was recorded for widespread employee engagement across the business, and longevity of impact for future new starters. We created a video introducing the new brand, the journey made and justified decision making of Digital i’s value proposition and visual identity. We also provided a toolkit of brand assets and templates for the marketing team to play with.

digitali brand guidelines

Brand Success

The Digital i brand launch received (and continues to receive) high acclaim from its people, peers, partners and prospects. And is echoed by its marketing team. We’d like to think we helped them win a few awards too 😉

digitali_who we are page
digital i app
digitali web site on mobile devices

We continue to collaborate with the marketing team and in-house developer to design their website, and extend the brand across their growing tech product portfolio.

“We chose Point Creative to help us enhance our brand because of their enthusiasm and passion for branding. Our company product and services had shifted and PC helped us realign our value propositions to match. The rebrand fuelled the creation of fresh and distinct creative content that really engaged our audience, supporting us to secure our biggest contract yet”

Sophia.Vahdati – Marketing Director, Digital i



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