When Brand Revolution is Better Than Brand Reinvention

Posted by 28/6/2023

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Brand Purpose

In today’s competitive business landscape, having a distinct and compelling brand is more important than ever. A brand serves as the identity of a business, representing its values, personality, and unique offerings. It is what sets a company apart from its competitors and resonates with its target audience.

Brand Revolution vs Brand Reinvention

While some businesses may consider reinventing their brand to stay relevant or adapt to changing market trends, there are instances when a brand revolution can be a better strategy.

Brand revolution refers to the process of evolving and refining an existing brand while maintaining its core essence. This approach allows businesses to build upon their established reputation and customer loyalty while meeting new market demands.

One key advantage of brand revolution over reinvention is that it builds upon the existing equity and recognition that the brand has already established. By retaining elements such as the logo, colour palette, or strapline, businesses can leverage their existing brand awareness while introducing fresh ideas and innovations.

Furthermore, brand revolution allows for incremental changes that align with evolving target audience preferences without alienating loyal customers. It strikes a balance between staying true to the essence of the brand while embracing new opportunities for growth.


Examples of Brand Identity Revolution:

Starbucks Brand Revolution Example












For example, renowned companies like Apple and Starbucks have successfully undergone brand revolutions by consistently innovating their products and messaging without completely abandoning their iconic identities.

The art of brand revolution comes through carefully timed incremental refinement to keep up with latest trends and consumer relevancy. – Possible approaches include adding a logo glow, increasing/muting colour contrast, updating the font or introducing an extended graphic/message suite.

Apple Brand Revolution Example






In conclusion, when considering whether to pursue a brand revolution or reinvention strategy, businesses should carefully assess their current position in the market along with customer perceptions. While reinvention may be necessary in certain circumstances where there is a need for radical change or rebranding due to negative associations or outdated positioning, often a well-executed brand revolution can provide an effective way forward without losing valuable equity built over time.

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