#CountMeIn Charity Lobby Appeal

  • - Delivered 13,000 petition signatures to 10 Downing Street
  • - Jude Law & Felicity Jones celebrity endorsement
  • - Secured parliamentary debate
  • - Increased Government funding pledge
  • - Opened doors to new major funding

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JDRF – #CountMeIn Lobby Appeal


  • Create a bold brand identity to launch the new major appeal #CountMeIn
  • Stand out amongst competing charity fundraising & lobbying appeals within the political arena
  • Engage supporters, prompting them to get involved and raise widespread awareness
  • Influence Parliament to move type 1 diabetes research higher up the political agenda and increase investment in a mission to treat, prevent and ultimately cure the condition.

Plan of Action:

#CountMeIn is JDRF’s major lobby appeal primarily aimed at influencing government to spend more on type 1 diabetes research. It also provides a platform to raise valuable funds for the charity through their network of public & corporate supporters.

To launch the campaign, we presented a range of bold logo identity options that symbolised the objectives and clearly conveyed the campaign call to action, asking the audience to get involved and spread the word across social media.

Young diabetes sufferers were equipped with branded scrapbooks where they could tell their type 1 story and personally deliver it to 10 Downing Street. A parliament brochure was designed to engage MPs at a more detailed level, educating them about the condition, research activities to date and reasons why their support is vital.

The campaign quickly gained momentum and with the help of over 13,000 petition signatures, high profile celebrity endorsement, tv & press coverage, and added pressure from avid supporters, Westminster couldn’t help but listen.

Read more about the #CountMeIn appeal here


Charity Campaign Logo Identity Design / Lobby Brochure Design / Scrapbook Design