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agileKRC – Branding, Print Comms & Responsive Website Development

Our relationship with agileKRC spans two significant eras as a journey of brand evolution.


  • Rejuvenate the brand to differentiate amongst growing competition
  • Overcome customer perception issues – move away from the one man band image and correctly position as an award winning agile pioneering network of expert Consultants
  • Increase sales online.

Plan of Action:

Known at the time as Keith Richards Consulting, we were asked to assess the current brand effectiveness and propose actions to strengthen their foothold in the emerging agile project management arena.

A thorough branding workshop analysed existing collateral, values, vision, brand personality, key competitor positioning and target customer needs before commencing a re-brand exercise.

To address customer perception, we explored a variety of naming angles from subtle tweaks to complete renames. Simply changing ‘Consulting’ to ‘Consultants’ resulted in the plural Keith Richards Consultants and instantly solved the one man band assumption without any radical measures. – A strategic choice set to make way for future development into ‘agileKRC’ once the Agile term was firmly established (see 2015 below).

The brand workshop had clearly identified the need to rejuvenate the visual brand identity in order to stand out in the market place. We presented a range of concepts that embraced agile, including the origami plane, a unique representation epitomising flexibility, strength and expertise. This theme was rolled out across the logo design, brand graphics, marketing collateral, templates and exhibition banners. To make the brand memorable, we designed origami plane templates for expo visitors and course attendees to play with – a great way to spark conversation with the audience whilst promoting a positive experience and exposure.

Completing the new brand, we launched an eCommerce website optimised for Google which successfully attracted primed customers to enquire about consultancy and book courses online.




  • Roll out ‘Agile’
  • Clearly communicate the four service areas: Training, Consulting, Coaching, People
  • Attract even more sales online.

Plan of Action:

With the ‘Agile’ term in full swing, KRC were ready to take their brand to the next level and evolve as ‘agileKRC’.

Having experienced a successful re-brand with Point Creative, we were commissioned to advise and implement on how best to update the name whilst maintaining brand integrity.

We edited the logo to incorporate ‘agile’ which was a simple case of typesetting, teamed with a subtle tweak to the origami plane illustration whereby we introduced a gradient and simplified colour palette.

Kicking off with a planning session between the client, creative and development teams, the website was redesigned in line with current best practice to work responsively across mobile and tablet platforms. It also provided the perfect opportunity to enhance the main navigation panel to highlight the main service areas ensuring quick and easy access to all key content across the site.



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