Introducing ‘Unity’ – An Integrated Sexual Health Brand Identity

  • - Bolstered 'win strategy' to exclusively secure NHS tender
  • - Engaged 8x Delivery Partners for universal brand buy-in
  • - Complete brand realisation in 7.5 weeks to meet launch deadline

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  • Develop a brand identity and awareness communications for the new integrated NHS sexual health service
  • Engage key stakeholders and delivery partners to aid smooth buy-in and consistent use of the brand
  • Set the brand foundations for further roll-out internally.

Plan of Action:

Our journey began in 2016 when the client (University Hospitals Bristol, an NHS division) asked us to support their tender, proposing an integration of the South West’s currently stand-alone sexual health organisations under a single umbrella brand, at the time named ‘SASH’. The aim would bring cohesion, cost-effectiveness and clarity to the region’s services, making it easier for people from all walks of life to look after their sexual health with expert help and advice under one roof.

To visualise the bid we worked with the client to develop a look and feel of how the integrated brand would bring the partner organisations together and engage the public audience. This took the form of a logo, MS Office template suite that the client could populate in-house for professional presentations, and key website pages for the service areas including a run through of the proposed online STI testing kit process.

A few months later, we received news that the client had won the tender and were now in the process of turning it into reality, needless to say we were thrilled!

Now the clock was ticking with 8 weeks to go until the official ‘partner’ launch (April 2017) with a jam packed creative pipeline, long list of milestones and many people to co-ordinate!

To ensure all actions were clearly justified, we implemented a brand workshop to really get under the skin of the vision, mission and needs of the internal and external stakeholders. The outcome was an all-agreed branding brief for the creative team to develop the brand personality upon.

Next steps saw naming that brought to life ‘Unity’, followed by strapline and logo development with multiple options presented. We harnessed the power of Survey Monkey to assess which options resonated most with partners and public audiences to support final decision making.

Finally, with the logo and strap in place, we designed further brand communications including brand guidelines, a partner welcome pack of brand assets, and social media graphics that would help quickly get the brand out there for all to enjoy.

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Strapline & Mission Statement / Logo identity / Brand Survey / Brand Guidelines/ A2 Poster / Email Signatures / Social Graphics / PPT & Word Templates / Window Stickers / Signage Templates / Web Banners / Counter Top Leaflet