Discovery Charity Magazine Re-Design & Digital App Development

  • - 38% savings in production costs
  • - 200% rise in digital subscriptions
  • - Low cost, high gain digital app solution
  • - Valuable insight into reader activity

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JDRF – Discovery Charity Magazine Re-Design & Digital App


  • Review the existing magazine and propose ideas to enhance effectiveness
  • Appeal primarily to Supporters and encourage them to interact and fundraise for JDRF
  • Communicate the value of JDRF’s purpose, therefore justifying fundraising efforts
  • Enhance the digital offering to benefit from a multi-channel readership
  • Reduce overall production costs whilst enhancing the value delivered

Plan of Action:

At a time when charities need to get more bang for their buck, we were asked to review the effectiveness of Discovery magazine – a publication we produced quarterly – to identify opportunities that would strengthen reader engagement, increase fundraising potential and reduce overall production costs.

In response, we presented a range of ideas to the client, recommending ways to enhance editorial content, and wowing them with a rejuvenated layout design featuring clear call to actions on each page that would prompt the audience to sign up to fundraising initiatives, give their feedback or spread the word via social media.

We also proposed a low cost interactive digital app solution with real time analytics designed to attract an increased online audience and provide valuable insight into viewing trends, such as number of downloads, most popular articles, engagement time and shared content that would be harnessed to influence future magazine development.

After launching the new digital app, JDRF quickly saw a significant increase in demand for online membership which enabled them to reduce the number of hard copies and benefit from print savings of 38%.


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