Disposable Pets Policy Design

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Blue Cross – ‘Disposable Pets’ Policy Design

Plan of Action

Our brief was to raise awareness of current issues and Blue Cross activities within parliament and government offices, driving the message that ‘disposable pets’ is a big problem with an urgent need for action.

Using gripping imagery, the report instantly hones in on the issue and triggers reaction, which is continued with key facts and information being effectively presented in refuse sack, bin and skip shaped holders.

Did you know that one unneutered female cat can be responsible for up to 20,000 kittens during her lifetime? This could be the impact from some of the 130,000+ cats handed in to welfare organisations yearly if they didn’t exist. Which is why our work for the Blue Cross’ latest policy report is so critical.

Working with the newly refreshed brand in the early roll-out stage, we also extended the styling to give more creative freedom, which was required as a part of this stand alone communication piece.


Design / Print