RAR – What it stands for and why we’re members

Posted by 10/8/2016

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15 years into Point Creative’s story we came to the happy realisation that all of our clients over the years have come from good old ‘Word of Mouth’… something we’re very proud of.

Alongside this we wondered if there was a way to share our great design expertise and knowledge with some new clients that might be looking for a creative team. And wouldn’t it be good if clients could be rest assured that we already have a bunch of happy customers who love working with us and rave about us?

Well, we’d heard some good stuff about RAR (Recommended Agency Register) for a while and thought it was worth a look. The way RAR works is simple. Agencies receive ratings from the people they work with everyday. This allows new clients to find these agencies based on their ratings.

To meet RAR standards, after joining we asked our clients to visit the RAR site and anonymously rate us. If we got good ratings we’d be recommended… oh the suspense!!!

You’ll be glad to hear (and thank you whoever you are!) that we qualified and are now on the RAR list!

An approval from the people that matter most to Point Creative, our clients, is the best positive message we can send out about us. It’s good to know that we make our clients happy with the creative work we produce. It also keeps us on our toes to maintain a high standard of creativity across all disciplines.

RAR also have annual awards. The only place where clients vote and recognise us. Perhaps we’ll have a shiny trophy on our mantle piece soon? If not, it’s a good excuse to get dressed up and have a jolly!

Huge thanks again.
PC team